Want to be part of the Animenz & Theishter Live 2018 show?

As an exclusive offer to all attending audience members in all the 6 shows across Australia and New Zealand, we invite you to have a chance at being featured in the concerts, sharing the stage with Animenz and Theishter as you perform an anime related piece of music. We invite any instrumentalist to audition for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Animenz and Theishter will select the winners from a pool of finalists.

Winners will not only get to perform at the Concert, but have a chance to meet the artists, participate in their Masterclass, receive free autographed merchandise and more!

Here are the facts:

  • What: Play on stage as an opening act at the Animenz & Theishter Live 2018 Australia/New Zealand Tour.
  • When: Audition entries open on the 10th of July and close on the 23rd of September, winners will be announced on the 28th of September.
  • Where: Videos made from location of your own convenience. The location and time of the concerts are listed below on this website.
  • How: Record and send in your audition video via the YOUBRIO app, download instructions below.

The Audition:

  • Requirement: Submit a video recording of yourself performing a musical item from an anime. Fluently performed pieces that are performed with spirit and imagination will be selected as finalists for Animenz and Theishter to choose from. You will need to have purchased a ticket to attend should you wish to audition. Ensure you select the city to which you will attend when enrolling.
  • Time limit: Maximum 5 minutes.
  • Instrument: Any
  • Arrangement: The piece can be an arrangement by Animenz, Theishter, yourself or other arrangement.
  • Price: Free


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